4 Challenges Solved By Faculty Activity Reporting

Eliminate manual processes, centralize vital information, produce accurate reports — and make everyone’s lives easier.

6 Reasons Your Faculty Will Love Faculty Activity Reporting Software

Take the burden off faculty while making life easier for your administrators.

11 Considerations When Choosing a Faculty Activity Reporting System

Choosing a faculty activity reporting system is a big decision.

14 Best Practices for Efficiently Entering Data into Activity Insight

Your success with Activity Insight begins by getting existing faculty activity information into the system.

A Guide to Retiring Your Internal Faculty Activity Reporting System

Discover the benefits of transitioning from an internal system to a third-party faculty activity reporting solution.

Activity Insight Features and Benefits

In this resource, explore how your university can take advantage of all the benefits of Activity Insight.

Activity Insight: The Faculty Activity Reporting System You’ll Actually Like to Use

Provide this resource to faculty to generate excitement and buy-in for Activity Insight.

Baylor University Case Study

See how Baylor University is implementing faculty activity reporting to align key activities with strategic initiatives.

Before and After Activity Insight

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Capture Faculty Information Once, Use It Infinitely

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Conducting Proper Pilot Testing

Implementing a faculty activity reporting system brings many benefits to your university—and is also a large-scale change that involves hundreds of people.

Guide to Advanced Customizations

A faculty activity reporting solution can greatly streamline essential tasks within your university such as accreditation and annual reports.

How to Get Buy-In for Faculty Activity Reporting Software

Learn how to energize your faculty around the idea of faculty activity reporting.

Indiana University Case Study

Learn how Indiana University is implementing faculty activity reporting to streamline their annual reporting process.

Transform the AACSB Accreditation process

AACSB accreditation is critical for business schools like yours to attract the best students and faculty, but the reaccreditation process can cause major headaches.

How a Faculty Activity Reporting Solution helps with SACS

Your institution’s reputation depends on maintaining SACS accreditation – but every time you’re reaccredited is a major headache.

Increased Efficiency with Activity Insight

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Preparing to Evaulate A Faculty Activity Reporting System

Purchasing a faculty activity reporting solution for your university is an exciting milestone and a big decision.

Quick Guide To Faculty Activity Reporting

Curious about faculty activity reporting? Want to streamline your university’s manual reporting processes?

The ROI of Using Faculty Activity Reporting Software

What is the benefit of capturing faculty information once and using it many times? Here’s a look at the top four benefits uncovered in our research.

Streamlining AACSB Accreditation

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Streamlining SACS Accreditation

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Why Faculty Love Activity Insight

Discover five ways a faculty activity reporting solution can create efficiencies for your faculty.