Sail Through Accreditation

Sail Through Accreditation

Preparation has never been so easy

Accreditation is a valuable tool, designed to establish an educational institution's quality—ensuring that faculty members are productive members of their fields who are qualified to teach their courses.

Pulling together information for accreditors, though, is time and labor-intensive—and since accreditation happens every five or ten years, you're already on your way to your next accreditor's visit.

No more running around the campus at the last minute. That's Activity Insight.

Activity Insight is specifically designed to streamline the process, by tracking relevant information on an ongoing basis—keeping you aware of your faculty's activities, so you can easily show specifics about their qualifications and productivity.

Here's how it works

Faculty members keep track of teaching records, research and service activities throughout the year, using our simple web-based system.

Each item is stored in Activity Insight's database for easy access, which can be organized and exported at any time with standardized and fully customizable reports.

Since Activity Insight stores all required regional report templates, you can generate a standard or customized report in minutes

Activity Insight saves time, eliminates paperwork and adds value to your institution—ensuring simple preparation for accreditor visits.