ORCID Imports


We have repeatedly heard that the biggest challenge to success with Faculty Success is loading publication citation information. This is especially frustrating when the information already resides in other software systems. In response, we made it a top priority to enable faculty to easily bring publication data into Faculty Success.

ORCID Imports is our sixth major import feature in this regard, following BibTeX Imports, PubMed Imports, Crossref Imports, and Web of Science Imports features. With Web of Science Imports, faculty can now pull their citations into Faculty Success directly from Web of Science without first saving them into a BibTeX file.

With this integration we collect your ORCID iD from you once so that you can quickly and securely import information from your ORCID record into Faculty Success. When you “Authorize” the connection we will ask you to share your iD using an authenticated process: either by registering for an ORCID iD or by signing in to your account if you already have one. This ensures that you are correctly identified and connected with your ORCID record. To acknowledge that you have used your iD and that it has been authenticated, we then display the ORCID iD icon within the Import Publications tool.

Leverage this feature today to ensure Faculty Success is up-to-date with your latest publications while saving yourself time and hassle. Just follow the steps below to get started.

What is ORCID?

ORCID is a non-profit organization supported by a global community of organizational members, including research organizations, publishers, funders, professional associations, and other stakeholders in the research ecosystem. The organization provides a persistent digital identifier (ORCID iD) that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized.

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How to Use the Feature

Step 1: Connect your ORCID iD to Faculty Success ORCID iD Authenticate

Select the Publications screen. (In your instance of Faculty Success, this may be called Intellectual Contributions.) Here you will find the Import button. Select this button.

Import button

From the Import from Third Party section, choose ORCID.

Choose ORCID

Choose “Create or Connect Your ORCID iD”.

Create or connect your ORCID iD

Register or sign in via ORCID.

Register or sign in via ORCID

Complete the authorization process. We do this to ensure that you approve the connection to your ORCID iD and that we are connecting to your ORCID iD securely.

Complete authorization

At present Faculty Success will only “ready your limited-access information”; it does not actively push data into ORCID to “add or update your research activities”.

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Step 2: Search ORCID ORCID iD DisplayORCID iD Collect

Once you've connected your ORCID iD you will see confirmation of that right in the Import Publications screen and you can select Search ORCID.

Search ORCID

You will then be shown a list of publications associated with your ORCID iD. Note that Faculty Success will only import records marked as "public" or "trusted-party" in ORCID. Any records marked as "only me" cannot be imported.

List of publications
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Step 3: Handle Duplicates

Faculty Success uses advanced duplicate detection logic to check the publications to see if any might already be in the system. We do not want duplicates! The publications that might be duplicates are presented to you for review.

View potential duplicates

As you can see here, one potential duplicate was found. For each potential duplicate publication, you must choose Skip or Import. You can limit the publications that are displayed to all publications or only those that still need review using the drop-down menu at the top.

Once you have indicated whether each publication is or is not a duplicate, the Continue button becomes available to select in the upper right corner of your screen. Select Continue.

Continue button after indicating duplicates

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Step 4: Pick Collaborators

You can link the names of collaborators to user accounts in Faculty Success. Here, a list of the names of people that are in all of the records from the file is displayed. There are three possibilities for a name:

  • Possibility A: It matched multiple names in Faculty Success, in which case you will see the message X potential matches. Select correct user account.
    Name matching multiple user accounts

    Upon selecting the link Select correct user account, you will see this:

    Select correct user account

    Selecting the link If the person is not listed above, view all user accounts will load all of the user accounts in Faculty Success to enable you to select the user from your campus.

    If there are no matches with any user accounts, selecting the No Matching Account button will update the selection on the Pick Collaborators main screen to Match to a user account, meaning a link to a user account will not be made.

    No matching user account

  • Possibility B: The collaborator matched just one name in Faculty Success, in which case you will see the name of the user account that was matched with the text after it of Select a different user account.
    Name matched one user account

    Upon selecting the link Select a different user account, you will see this:

    Select different user account pop-up

    If there are no matches with any user accounts, selecting the No Matching Account button will update the selection on the Pick Collaborators main screen to Match to a user account, meaning a link to a user account will not be made.

  • Possibility C: The collaborator did not match any names in Faculty Success, in which case you will see the message Match to a user account
    Name matched no user account

    Upon selecting the link Match to a user account, you will see this:

    Match to user account pop-up

    Selecting the button No Matching Account will maintain the selection on the Pick Collaborators main screen of Match to a user account, meaning a link to a user account will not be made.

If there are multiple collaborators, you can select the Match to a user account link to make the proper assignment for each person's name.

Note: In order to proceed, you must resolve all of the names that are from Possibility A above, where a name matched multiple users.

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Step 5: Review Publications and Import

This step enables you to review the publications that you are about to load to ensure everything looks good. Use the forward and reverse arrows to move through the publications.

When you are satisfied, select the Finish Import button.

Finish import button

Faculty Success presents a confirmation box to ensure you wish to proceed. Select the Import button to continue.

Import Records confirmation box

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Import Complete

The records are loaded into Faculty Success immediately and you will see the text X records successfully imported.

Records successfully imported

For answers to questions not listed here, please contact us.